School telephone: 0208 348 3054 (mornings only)

Office numbers: 0207 359 9389 or 0207 586 0740

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Address: The Scout Hall, Sheldon Avenue N6 4ND

25 years dedicated to children's learning.

Welcome Introduction


Thank you for your interest in the Ladybird Montessori School.  


I hope that this website will give you all the information you require in selecting your child’s first nursery.

Our school is situated in Sheldon Avenue, a quiet residential area between Hampstead and Highgate Village.  


We are a small, delightful and well established school with a friendly and welcoming atmosphere.

If you would like to visit us, please do not hesitate to call and arrange an appointment.


Yours sincerely,


Nicki Parish    













Dr. Maria Montessori (1870-1952)


Dr. Maria Montessori was one of the century’s most influential pioneers in early childhoold education.  Her ideas have become recognised throughout the world and have significantly developed mainstream education.  She was the first woman ever to graduate from Rome University Medical School and became interested in education rather than medicine through treating children with special needs.  She observed them closely and discovered ways to help them achieve their full potential.


The result was a method of education which combined a philosophy with a practical approach - if a child had freedom to move around in a carefully planned environment, he or she could absorb knowledge effortlessly.


Her commitment to multi-cultural development and world peace is the cornerstone of Montessori education.